NKF's Policy Agenda

Our legislative agenda is about more than a single policy issue. It’s about knowing how different issues affect people with kidney disease, transplant donors & recipients, and more. Find out more about our key policy issues below.

CKD affects 37 million adults in the US, with another 80 million at risk for developing kidney disease. 

Good kidney health begins when patients have an adequate choice of high quality, affordable health care plans and providers.  

We focus on public health, early intervention, and increasing options for treatment as well as transplantation. 

Congress must increase funding for public awareness, prevention, early detection, and treatment of kidney diseases, as well as for kidney related research.

Transplant is the preferred treatment option for kidney failure, freeing patients from dialysis, improving life expectancy, and greatly improving quality of life.

Major causes of and contributors to kidney disease such as hypertension, diabetes, and obesity, are all more prevalent among Black Americans compared to White Americans.

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