These materials will help you learn more about how you can work with public leaders to become a voice for kidney health and advance policy that will help the kidney community.

Issue Brief

Cost of Kidney Disease

Kidney disease costs Medicare over $130 billion annually, representing a significant burden on patients and our health system.

issue brief

Protect Living Donors

The Living Donor Protection Act removes barriers to donation and shortens transplant waitlists, so more patients receive the gift of life.

issue brief

Federal Kidney Funding

Learn more about the awareness, education, and research programs that we need Congress to fund to help kidney patients nationwide.


CKD by the Numbers

Chronic Kidney Disease affects an estimated 37 million people, more than 1 in 7 adults, in the United States. 

state breakdown

Kidney Disease by State

Learn how kidney disease impacts your state and what your elected lawmakers at the state level can do to help.

town hall

Learn the Latest

Our quarterly advocate town hall presentations feature the latest on NKF’s advocacy efforts from across the country.

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Advocate and Engage

We value your commitment to empowering and educating others about kidney disease and effecting policy change.

Patient Leadership

Our Advocate Leaders

Find the patient advocates leading your region of the country and reach out to them to learn more about our work.

representing you

Find Your Lawmakers

Enter your information and learn who represents you in Congress and how you can contact them on kidney policy.

Why do we make our voices heard?

Our advocates share what motivates them to work together to be the sound of change.