These materials will help you learn more about how you can work with public leaders to become a voice for kidney health and advance policy that will help the kidney community.

Cost of Kidney Disease

Kidney disease costs Medicare over $135 billion annually, representing a significant burden on patients and our health system.

Protect Living Donors

Living donation is the gold standard, giving recipients a shorter wait, better outcomes, and longer survival of their transplant.

Federal Kidney Funding

Learn more about the awareness, education, and research programs that we need Congress to fund to help kidney patients nationwide.

Health Equity

Chronic Kidney Disease disproportionately impacts communities of color, persons of lower socioeconomic status, and persons in rural areas.

Home Dialysis

Studies indicate that home dialysis can improve patient quality of life and flexibility in customizing care options, but not all patients are offered support to succeed on this modality.

Make the most of your meetings

Watch our training on how to effectively meet with the officials who are elected to represent you and advocate for kidney health.

Kidney Disease by State

See how kidney disease impacts every state and how Congress can help address these challenges with better public policy.

Advocate and Engage

We value your commitment to empowering and educating others about kidney disease and effecting policy change.

Find Your Lawmakers

Enter your information and learn who represents you in Congress and how you can contact them on kidney policy.

Why do we make our voices heard?

Our advocates share what motivates them to work together to be the sound of change.

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