Below is a comprehensive list of social media accounts for Senators and Representatives.  It includes Twitter and Instagram handles and a link to each lawmaker’s Facebook page.  Please be sure to use #mykidneyvoice with any messages you send to your legislators.  Please contact if you have any questions or would like advice on reaching out to your elected officials.
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Rep. Alma AdamsNCNC-12RepresentativeD
Rep. Robert AderholtALAL-4RepresentativeR
Rep. Pete AguilarCACA-33RepresentativeD
Rep. Mark AlfordMOMO-4RepresentativeR
Rep. Rick AllenGAGA-12RepresentativeR
Rep. Colin AllredTXTX-32RepresentativeD
Rep. Aumua AmataASAS-At-LargeRepresentativeR
Rep. Gabe AmoRIRI-1RepresentativeD
Rep. Mark AmodeiNVNV-2RepresentativeR
Rep. Kelly ArmstrongNDND-At-LargeRepresentativeR
Rep. Jodey ArringtonTXTX-19RepresentativeR
Rep. Jake AuchinclossMAMA-4RepresentativeD
Rep. Brian BabinTXTX-36RepresentativeR
Rep. Don BaconNENE-2RepresentativeR
Rep. James BairdININ-4RepresentativeR
Rep. Troy BaldersonOHOH-12RepresentativeR
Sen. Tammy BaldwinWIWI-Junior SeatSenatorD
Rep. Becca BalintVTVT-At-LargeRepresentativeD
Rep. Jim BanksININ-3RepresentativeR
Rep. Andy BarrKYKY-6RepresentativeR
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