Ask Congress to Support the HOLD Act!

The Honor Our Living Donors (HOLD) Act would help more living donors qualify for reimbursement from the National Living Donor Assistance Center (NLDAC).

NLDAC currently provides reimbursement to qualifying living organ donors who incur non-medical costs during their donation, such as lost wages, travel, and lodging expenses.

However, there is currently a restriction on which living donors are eligible for NLDAC reimbursement. This bill would remove the restriction that ties donor eligibility for NLDAC to the recipient’s income, and instead make it based solely on the financial situation of the donor themselves.

Removing barriers to living donation is an important step in reducing the waitlist and getting more people transplanted.

Take action now to urge your federal representative to support this bill and ensure more donors have the financial freedom to give the gift of life.

Please take a moment to personalize your letter with personal details like your city and state, kidney story, or other information to make your letter even more impactful!

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