Tell Congress to Help Kidney Patients Get the Medication They Need

As many kidney patients know, too much phosphorous can increase one’s risk for bone loss, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and even death. It’s imperative that kidney patients have access to the phosphorous medications that work best for them. Unfortunately, a proposed Medicare change could make it more challenging for patients to access new and emerging phosphate lowering drugs.

Representatives Buddy Carter (R-GA), Carol Miller (R-WV), Annie Kuster (D-NH), and Terri Sewell (D-AL) have recently introduced a bill that would address this problem by keeping phosphorous-lowering drugs in Medicare Part D. This simple policy change not only makes it easier for patients to get the drugs they need but is estimated to save the federal government approximately $1 billion from 2025 – 2032.

The National Kidney Foundation supports this bipartisan legislation – a win-win for patients and fiscal responsibility. Join us in urging your Representatives to support this legislation today!

Please personalize your letter to Congress to you tell them why phosphorous-lowering drugs are important to you.

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