To keep our momentum in Washington, D.C. and your state capitals, we need to share your stories.  When we are asked, “Are there examples of a living kidney donor being discriminated against in…” or “Tell me about constituents whose lives would have been changed by more accessible immunosuppressive medications…” we want to share your story with them.


We need to show your legislators how kidney disease policy reforms are necessary and the positive impact it will have on patients and their families.  Your story will have a powerful impact!

  • Have you, or someone you know, had difficulties affording immunosuppressive medications, been frozen on the waitlist due to potential financial difficulties following transplantation, or other similar difficulties?
  • Have you, or do you know someone who has, ever been denied life, long-term care or disability insurance due to being a living organ donor? Have you, or someone you know, ever been charged higher rates as a result of being a living donor?
  • How would earlier detection of kidney disease have impacted your life or that of someone you know? Would you (they) be able to manage your condition better?  Would it have allowed you (them) to have more time to find a living kidney donor, perhaps even before starting dialysis?  How would this have impacted your (their) quality of life?
  • Have you or your donor utilized financial assistance programs, such as NLDAC, in order to be able to give the gift of life?


I hope that you will be willing to share your story so that we can illustrate to legislators of the need for policy changes to benefit kidney patients.


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